Experienced Professional And Legal Malpractice Representation

Professional licensing requirements, standards of care and codes of ethical conduct exist for a reason. They are intended to ensure both competency and integrity among individuals who offer services in specialized fields of practice such as accounting or law. They also serve as a measuring stick in claims alleging professional malpractice.

Unfortunately, it is generally very difficult for individuals harmed by the advice, mistakes or ethical misconduct of any licensed professional to even recognize that malpractice has occurred.

At Duff & Kronfeld, P.C. in Fairfax County, our commitment to practicing law with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity has been the foundation of our success for more than two decades. It is also why we have always felt a responsibility to take allegations of professional malpractice seriously and to accept these challenging cases that most other attorneys and law firms refuse to take.

Our practice is largely focused on two specific types of cases - legal malpractice claims stemming from attorney negligence and accounting malpractice claims related to accountant conduct or errors. That said, we have experience with cases involving other types of licensed professionals and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about any type of potential professional malpractice claim.

The Experience, Skill And Resources Needed To Achieve Success

The problem of finding experienced legal representation aside, these types of cases frequently involve complicated laws, high burdens of proof and fairly "generous" standards for professional competence.

With legal malpractice, for example, proving that a lawyer did something wrong (i.e., something a competent or ethical lawyer would not have done) is often not enough. In many cases, in fact, a plaintiff must also prove that he or she would have prevailed in a previous matter if the lawyer had handled the case properly. There must also be some type of measurable financial harm.

Whatever the challenges, our firm has the requisite experience, legal acumen and resources to overcome them and obtain justice for clients who have meritorious claims.

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