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November 2016 Archives

Settlement is Not a 4-Letter Word!

There is nothing like a divorce to make normally rational people act irrationally; to make the peaceful person become combative; and, to make the sensible individual tend to lose all touch with reality. It is truly amazing to watch two people, who earlier in their lives had been deeply in love with each other, go out of their way to intentionally inflict humiliation, anguish and emotional pain on each other. All of this is done, seemingly, without concern over the fact that they are depleting their wealth accumulated over years of marriage, over a fight that is most often completely unnecessary, and easily avoided.

What Constitutes "Usual" Visitation

In trying to determine a visitation arrangement that meets a non-custodial parent's need to spend time with his or her children and, at the same time, satisfies the requirement of being in the children's best interests, a myriad of factors came into play. How old are the children? Are they attending school? Are they involved in extra-curricular activities? Do you have "teenager issues" to consider? Are there geographical and travel issues involved? What are your own work and time constraints?

Understanding the division of property in a Virginia divorce

If a couple decides to dissolve their marriage, one of the greatest issues they will have to resolve is the issue of property division. The outcome of this process can be determined by many different factors and it is advantageous to have an understanding of the process before you get involved in it. Before a couple can begin dividing their property, they must first recognize what types of property they have and its relative value. The state of Virginia acknowledges two primary types of property; marital property and separate property.

Second Saturday Divorce Workshop - LAST WORKSHOP IN 2016! What everyone needs to know about divorce.

ss.jpgPlease join us for coffee and conversation for our last Second Saturday Divorce Workshop in 2016 and get the information, support and guidance from professionals: a family law attorney, financial advisor, and a family therapist.

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