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Property Damage Coverage - How Much Is Enough?

Every policy of automobile insurance issued in the Commonwealth of Virginia provides for coverage in the event you damage someone else's car through your own fault. Under such circumstances, your insurance company would be responsible to pay for the damage done to the other vehicle - but only up to the extent of your policy limits. The key, therefore, is to make certain that your own policy carries enough property damage coverage to fully protect you, if you happen to cause an accident with another car. But how much property damage is enough?


Litigating a personal injury claim, particularly when the injured plaintiff's hard, calculable damages are relatively nominal (less than $10,000), will often fail a "cost-benefit" analysis. In other words, the probable amount of a jury's verdict will not be sufficient to warrant the expense to the injured plaintiff necessary to obtain that jury verdict. If a verdict is likely to be in the range of $10,000 - $15,000, and your attorney is going to receive a one-third contingency fee, what reasonably prudent person is going to spend $5,000 or more, in the hope of receiving a net of $7,500? It simply does not make good business sense.

Auto Accidents - The Hierarchy of Insurance

If you have ever been injured in an automobile accident, you have already experienced the nightmare of dealing with different insurance companies to have your medical bills paid. Often one insurance company will refuse to pay your medical bills, while pointing the finger of responsibility to another insurance company who, it is claimed, "must pay first before we get involved." The insurance hassle is frequently more painful than your injuries.

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