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Changing Attorneys In Mid-Stream

Changing Attorneys in Mid-Stream

By David L. Duff of Duff & Kronfeld, P.C. posted in Family Law on Friday, October 28, 2016.

In many areas of this country, divorce attorneys are “a dime a dozen.” Indeed, there are several hundred divorce attorneys in Northern Virginia alone. As expected, some of these attorneys are more experienced than others. Some are more comfortable litigating the matter in court, while others prefer to focus on an amicable settlement of the case. Some attorneys prioritize communication with their clients, while others become “incommunicado” for long stretches of time. Some present a calming and sensitive demeanor towards their clients’ difficulties, yet others can be cold, gruff and, seemingly, disinterested in their clients’ needs.

With so many abilities, personalities, and idiosyncrasies existing in the pool of potential divorce attorneys available to handle your case, selecting the attorney to represent your interests in a divorce is often nothing more than a “crapshoot.” However, clients must understand, and appreciate, that they are not wed inexorably to the first attorney selected. He who can be hired, can also be fired!

Clients have the right to expect a degree of respect from their attorney, and to be treated with courtesy and professionalism. They have the right to require regular communication from their attorney on all significant aspects of their case. They have the right to have their opinions and concerns with respect to any given issue, or a contemplated course of action, recognized and duly-considered by their attorney. Most importantly, clients need to feel comfortable, protected and confident with their attorney, because they are about to embark upon a legal matter that can be among the most emotionally stressful events they will ever encounter.

If a client does not have such a comfort level with his or her attorney, or does not carry a high degree of confidence in his or her attorney, then that client should not hesitate to fire that attorney, and find someone who better suits his or her particular needs. The ramifications of a divorce – legally, practically and emotionally – are far too serious for any client to continue with an ineffective divorce lawyer out of a sense of loyalty, or a reluctance to “bite the bullet” and look elsewhere.

If you have questions about your divorce case, or divorce lawyers, call one of the attorneys at The Duff Law Firm for a complimentary, 30-minute consultation.

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