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Four Tips For Your Divorce Mediation

Four Tips for Your Divorce Mediation

According to data from the latest National Health Statistics Reports, nearly half of all U.S. marriages will eventually end in a divorce. As common as marital separation is, going through a divorce can be immensely challenging. There are many complex emotional, legal, and logistical issues that must be considered and resolved before the parties can truly move forward. Of course, divorce does not have to be the fierce, angry, and drawn-out battle that it is sometimes portrayed as in popular culture. Some couples will find that they can work together to find amicable solutions through divorce mediation in Northern Virginia.

Considering Divorce Mediation in Virginia? Four Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Proper Preparation is Crucial

Careful preparation is one of the keys to successful divorce mediation. First and foremost, you should ensure that you have gathered and organized all relevant documents and records. The more information you have, the better. You do not want to deal with any surprises. In addition, it is a good practice to make a list of all issues that you believe will need to be resolved during mediation. In far too many cases, divorcing couples fail to make progress on their case because they are simply not ready to take on important issues.  Working from the same set of facts and not arguing over basic figures, like incomes, mortgage balances, and the like, drastically improves the success rate of mediation.

  1. Approach Mediation with a Collaborative Mindset

Mediation can be beneficial because it promotes a calmer, less combative atmosphere for resolving sensitive family issues. This is especially useful for divorcing couples who have young children. In fact, researchers have found children often benefit when their parents mediate their divorce as a more cooperative overall environment helps to preserve and stabilize valuable familial relationships. When entering mediation, it is generally a good idea to put yourself in a collaborative state of mind.

  1. Get Professional Legal Help

You should not go through divorce mediation alone. An experienced divorce attorney can help to facilitate the process. Further, although mediation is not meant to be an adversarial process, there is still a lot on the line. You should never agree to a bad deal just to get to the end of the process. Your interests matter. It is imperative that you take the proper steps to protect your rights. A divorce lawyer will provide you with legal protection, even if it is just to advise your prior to mediation sessions and review and edit your settlement agreement once you and your spouse have reached an apparent resolution.

  1. Know When to Walk Away

In divorce mediation, the ideal result is to reach a successful and amicable settlement. Unfortunately, that is simply not always possible. Fortunately, divorce mediation is fully voluntary and it is strictly confidential. You can walk away from the process at any time. As beneficial as mediation can be, it is not the best approach for every divorcing couple in Virginia. If mediation is not producing desirable results or if you and your spouse are not making any real progress, you can choose another path. Your divorce lawyer can help you prepare to explore and assess all available alternative options.

Speak to a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Fairfax, VA

At Duff & Kronfeld, P.C., our Fairfax divorce attorneys represent clients in divorce mediation. If you are considering mediation, we will protect your rights and help you move towards the best possible resolution. To arrange your fully confidential divorce consultation, please contact our legal team today. We serve individuals and families in Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia, including Loudoun and Prince William Counties.

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